Are you posh? Did you go to a posh school? Today we talk about the word posh in English. Learning a language also means learning more common slang terms used in everyday conversations and today we dig into the English class system while we explain the word posh.

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What Is Posh In English?

I think it’s true of most countries that wealthy people, people with enough money that they can live beyond the necessities of life, get called a name of some sort. Often not a very nice name, or just a name with associated privilege and inequality. It is often a [slang] word.

In the UK, like many other countries I am sure, you can identify wealthy people by their accents, the schools they go too and the clothes they wear the places they spend their money. And in the UK you would probably use the word posh to describe this group of people.

In America, for example, you might call this group of people ‘the elite’, ‘fat cats’ or the ‘1%’ and I’m sure there is a word for this in your native language.

So why not learn to speak English through listening and learn all about [posh]?


A photograph of a huge luxury yacht cruising offshore used to show port and starboard.

A photograph of a huge luxury yacht cruising offshore used to show port and starboard.

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