A lesson on vaping? Not really, today the lessons topic might be on e-cigarettes but really this English lesson is about how you learn English conversation. The key to improving your English conversation skills is listening to native English speakers in conversation and not just once but listening to English being spoken lots of times.

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How To Learn English Conversation

Now here at Adeptenglish we know that listening to a lesson more than once is unlikely, especially if the English lesson is boring! So we make every one of our lessons interesting enough for you to listen to it several times and that is why we have an English lesson that’s talking about vaping and not conjunctive adverb, adverbial conjunction, or subordinating adverb BORING!

Now you might not smoke, or vape and think “I don’t care about vaping!” Remember there is so much more learning taking place than learning some facts on the lessons topic.

By listening to this English conversation you will listen to over a 1000 English vocabulary words. You will learn about UK youth culture, some interesting facts on the health-related issues of vaping. You will hear and learn the correct pronunciation of English phrases and more!

Because this English lesson is in a story format, your brain is more receptive to focusing on the words and grammar and your brain is more likely to store the information it hears in long-term memory, just what you need to automatic and fluent recall of vocabulary.

A photograph of two young people smoking e-cigarettes outside. The image is used to highlight that vaping is very popular with young people.

A photograph of two young people smoking e-cigarettes outside. The image is used to highlight that vaping is very popular with young people.

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