If you are new to Adeptenglish then you might not know the answer to this question; How do I learn the English required to hold a sensible everyday English conversation? If you are a regular listener, then I hope your shouting (in your head). If you want to learn to speak English “You need to listen to lot’s of English language being spoken by native English speakers.” If you catch yourself saying that in your head, then full marks to you!

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If you want to learn to speak English

If I were to estimate the amount of spoken English you need to listen to and understand before you can speak English well I’d day about 10 times, more is better. If your 10 times better at listening to English than speaking English then you are ready to get “stuck into” speaking English.

If you can listen to an English conversation and follow what’s being said, pick up on the cultural references, spot and understand when an idiom or idiomatic phrase is being used, can pick out words when the speaker has a strong accent and you haven’t needed to lookup any vocabulary. You are ready to speak in English.

Why are you ready? Because you will have all the time in the world to plan what you want to say, how you will pronounce it, the speaking parts of English. Your brain is already automatically using the vocabulary and grammar you have stored away by listening to lot and lots of spoken English.

If you drive a car, you will be familiar with this feeling, you can drive and not even think about it, you are probably doing and thinking about other things your repeat driving experience is in automatic mode. If you listen to a lot of native English speakers, your brain will get into “automatic” mode, and that gives you a lot more time to focus on the speaking parts of English.


A photograph of a woman walking through mellow British autumnal trees.

A photograph of a woman walking through mellow British autumnal trees.

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