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How to learn to speak English

Today we will talk about an interesting change to modern English grammar. How an odd part of English grammar, which was falling out of use is now being used to support a modern view of gender.

Grammar is always a tricky English lesson for us. We want you to listen to the lesson several times. Most people automatically tune out because the lesson is about grammar it will automatically “be boring!”

However, if you listen to this English audio lesson, we will help you understand how the UK is changing its view on gender, how UK culture is changing, and if you’re a manager or someone who has responsibility over people, then knowing this bit of English grammar can help you provide constructive criticism.

That’s not even taking into account about all the English vocabulary you can practice listening to, when you listen to this lesson.

A photograph of a man holding a baby you cannot tell the gender of the baby. Used to help explain English grammar she, he and they.

A photograph of a man holding a baby you cannot tell the gender of the baby. Used to help explain English grammar she, he and they.

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