How to become more confident when you speak English? If you want to learn to speak the English Language, you need to listen to it being spoken by native English speakers. You need to listen and be able to understand what is being said, this needs to be a smooth operation, fast, fluid and automatic with no translation.

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Listen And Learn Your Way to Speaking The English Language

When you first speak using a new language, you face a lot of challenges. You can spend as much time as you like on writing and reading English, working on vocabulary and grammar none of that will help you speak fluently.

Speaking in a new language requires that you can follow what’s happening around you, for example, a conversation, you need to hear what’s being said, listen to and understand and follow the flow of words without slowing down to translate from your native language to English. Once your listening and understanding of what’s going on around you is solid, then you find that you can speak more easily, you will be more confident. Your options in how to respond open up.

This happens because communicating with people in a new language like English is actually the easy part, even if you have a limited English vocabulary, your pronunciation is awkward and your grammar is not great, a native English speaker will still understand what you are saying. They will fill in the vocabulary gaps, be able to solve poor pronunciation by using the context of the conversation.

The one thing an English speaker cannot do for you is help you understand what they are saying, this part is your responsibility, you need to hear what is being said, understand it and know which of your small English vocabulary is the best set of words to use.

So by being able to listen and understand a new language like English you buy yourself the time to start, in a simple way at first, to talk in that language and stand a good chance of being understood by native speakers regardless of how limited your vocabulary is. This then becomes the starting place to add more vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and fix any grammar issues.

A photograph of one of Dale Chihuly Kew 2019 garden exhibits, a huge alien blue and white spikey flower set against the green of the gardens.

A photograph of one of Dale Chihuly Kew 2019 garden exhibits, a huge alien blue and white spikey flower set against the green of the gardens.

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