If you are a Spanish speaker, then I begin this audio English lesson by asking your forgiveness, speaking English words is easy for me but Palabras inglés well you need to listen to the whole podcast to understand why, trust me when I say it is worth it! This English lesson is all about pronunciation and why speaking a new language is difficult for everyone not just you.

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Palabras inglés

Changing the way you do things is hard. This is true for just about everything, but something that we do every day like speaking to people in your native language is just a little harder to change. You get used to the way you pronounce things, like Rrrr’s or you expect to see punctuation at the start of a sentence not at the end. It’s these little things that are so natural to us we have almost forgotten they exist, and then you move on to aprender inglés, a new language, and it’s all a big change.

So today I take the time to show you it is the same for everyone, not just you. I take some time to explain how those differences are all well understood and you are not the first to experience them. I offer some ideas about how you might go about learning from other language learners experiences who are coming from your native language, in this case Spanish.


Are You A Spanish Speaker Learning English Palabras Ingles Ep 269

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