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Learning English To Speak Fluently

That brings me to today’s English speaking lesson. Today we have a lot of English-speaking practice vocabulary that talks about spam, not just the literal meaning of spam but it’s history and why the British even have a spam song!

Spam email is a real pain to delete from your email in-box every day. You may not know this but 56 percent of ALL e-mail traffic in March 2019 were spam messages. Recently it is that has China generated the largest share of unsolicited spam e-mails with 15 percent of global spam volume. This might sound bad, but it is actually an improvement, it was much worse in 2012 with 69 percent of all email being spam.

So an interesting super high quality English speaking audio lesson, some fun videos (if you go to the main article on our website we link to the videos), lots of interesting new English vocabulary, we provide English sentences you can practice speaking English with, in your English conversations. Best of all, it’s FREE! So you have no excuses, start listening now and improve your English-speaking skills.


A photo of a young woman looking at her emails on a silver laptop. Used as an article image for the article

A photo of a young woman looking at her emails on a silver laptop. Used as an article image for the article “Helping You With Learning English To Speak Fluently And Have Fun Article Image”

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