You want to learn how to speak English fluently, but do not know where to start? Rather than force you to read a lot, I will give you the answer up front. To improve your English-speaking skills, you need to listen to native English speakers.

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The English Speak Out About Climate Change

Can you write in English but don’t feel confident about speaking English? Adept English is 100% focused on the speaking and listening part of learning the English language. Adept English will help you improve your English-speaking skills.

Most traditional approaches to learning to speak the English language focus on reading and writing in English. How they expect this to help you “speak” English is crazy. How anyone expects to solve a speaking problem when they spend 80% of their time reading and writing is beyond us.

To improve your speaking skills, you need to focus on listening to native English speakers until you can understand much more than you can speak. While you listen to English being spoken you will build your English vocabulary and grammar automatically.

Fortunately, you have found one of the best places on the Internet for free native English speaker resources. We have a lot of English audio ready for you to listen to right now.

A photo of young protestors pretending to be dead, with a sign that reads

A photo of young protestors pretending to be dead, with a sign that reads “don’t let us die”. Used as an article image for the article “How The English Speak Out About Climate Change Article Image”

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