The expression “low-hanging fruit” is used to describe achieving a result with little effort. This English phrase is something you might hear in a business meeting and was once a favorite vernacular of management consultants. An entrepreneur might use the idiom when talking about a new business opportunity in business-related English conversation.

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Low Hanging Fruit

I guess the original idea came from observing how easy it was to harvest the fruit hanging low on a tree vs. the difficulty of getting the fruit at the very top of a tree. Using this as an analogy; A business person might explain how a business is great because the idea delivers great benefits at little cost or effort.

To bring the idiom alive you really need to hear it being used naturally by a native English speaker. So today we will use the Adept English learning approach to practice speaking English fluently and learn some new phrases and business “speak” jargon.

Some of you might think “boring” and stop reading/listening. I can hear you saying “I will never be in a business meeting” or “I don’t care about idioms”. We understand, and before you go, we would ask that you think about the lesson this way.

You might never use low hanging fruit in your English conversations, but the rest of the audio English lesson which comprises some 1,228 words; 76 sentences; 12 paragraphs of English language. Is full of everyday English language, vocabulary and grammar that will be useful to you regardless of your interest in business parlance.


A photo of a female boss asking staff to focus on low hanging fruit business opportunities. Used as an article image for the article

A photo of a female boss asking staff to focus on low hanging fruit business opportunities. Used as an article image for the article “What Is A Low Hanging Fruit Article Image”

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