One of the biggest problems with the modern internet is that people often assume bigger is better. I’m here to argue that when learning how to improve your English language learning, quality is more important than quantity.

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Summary: How To Improve My English

If I were to Google a question “How do I improve my English speaking?” and I see in the search results, “100 ways to help you speak English” and then another “10 ways to help you speak English” you will probably click on the 100, because the Internet has taught you that 100 is better than 10.

Bigger is better right? However, 100 short, obvious, or worse incorrect tips on improving your English speaking is of less use to you than 10 good ideas that you haven’t heard or thought of that add real value to your learning.

It’s a real problem for people who believe in quality to rise above the noise of the internet where a list of 10,000 English phrases is better than a list of 5,000 English phrases. Missing the point that actually what’s really needed is a list of phrases that is just long enough to help you say what you need to say in everyday English conversation.

It is very tempting for someone who wants their blog article to rank well in google to just create a very long list of tips, not because they are valuable, but because they are 10 more tips than the next biggest list on the Internet.

Do you want to improve your English conversation skills even more?

Adept English is about quality. When we offer a list of ideas or tips, we provide a list that is just the right number of tips because we know the tips will add value to you as an English language learner and we have experience and data to back that up. As we learn new things, we may add to our list, but at no point are we going to create a long list just because bigger is better.


A photo of a baby in a field of long grass reaching for a parents hand. Used as an article image for the article

A photo of a baby in a field of long grass reaching for a parents hand. Used as an article image for the article “How Can I Improve My English: 7 Essential Tips Article Image”

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