Your spoken English will be more interesting the more English vocabulary you have to use when describing things in a conversation. When you start with a new language, you focus on being understood. You will use the smallest amount of simple English in a conversation, enough to get your message across.

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Summary: English Vocabulary Practice

The problem with this “simple English” is it can be very boring to listen to. If you want to be a part of an interesting English conversation, you will need to practice your English speaking and learn more English words, increasing your English vocabulary is an important step to moving on from beginner English.

Ok so we know the issue, we don’t want to sound boring. We know the solution; we need to practice using new English words and increase your English vocabulary. What’s the process?

Well, if you Google the internet, you will find thousands of vocabulary lists. Lists can be useful, but to be honest you don’t need them, if you’re working on written English then using a dictionary and looking up synonyms for words would work just fine.

Your problem is you need to improve your spoken vocabulary and practice using everyday English words. Words that the people who are listening will understand and find interesting. So what are those words?

A list of 100 words from the internet describing the adjective “thin” is useless, 90% of these words are just not used in everyday English.

What you really need is around 10 adjectives, describing words (an amount you are likely to remember), a good understanding of the vocabularies meaning and their use in typical English sentences. You need these spoken by a native English speaker at a pace you can listen and can learn from.

Great news, that is exactly what Adept English does, we provide practical audio English language lessons that help you improve your spoken English.

A photo of a skinny person pinching their belly skin. Used as an article image for the article

A photo of a skinny person pinching their belly skin. Used as an article image for the article “English Vocabulary Practice: Words For Thin Article Image”

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