Today we have an English lesson which takes some funny English news stories and turn them into an English listening exercises to help you practice common English vocabulary words spoken by a native British English speaker.

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Summary: Listening to news in English

Listening to news in English is not as simple as watching the BBC news. You might think you can just watch any old English news on TV, YouTube or listen to some radio broadcasts and that will help you learn.

Listening to the news directly in English might help advanced language learners a little, but it will be a lot harder to learn like this. The BBC and other news broadcasters do not design news broadcasts on TV or radio to help English language learners.

TV and radio broadcast presenters will speak quickly, often with multiple people speaking and can use difficult vocabulary or grammar far too advanced for a learner.

What you really want is a news story, read at the right pace, with only one clear British voice. A transcript of the story with keywords explained and spelled out for you where you can pause, rewind and listen again. That is why millions of English language learners are listening to Adept English podcasts.

A photo of a stack of news papers with block letters spelling out the word news. Used as an article image for the article

A photo of a stack of news papers with block letters spelling out the word news. Used as an article image for the article “Listening To News In English Article Image”

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