Learning English through listening should be fun, so today we take a bunch of interesting topics and talk about money, a Greek holiday and BREXIT.

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Summary: Learn English Through Listening

With all the talk of a “No Deal BREXIT” the British pound is not worth as much as it normally is and this influences what we British spend our money on. Which means we get to complain (something the British are very good at!) and we can talk about sales tax and shopping.

So today you will hear all about the “real world” impact of Britain leaving the EU and why more and more British people think things will get much better for the UK when we leave.

There is a lot of interesting English vocabulary used with explanations of keywords and an insight into how the British think about Europe and the whole Brexit thing.

Even if you are not interested in money, holidays or BREXIT we have literally hundreds of alternative lessons you can listen to hear, you will definitely find something interesting to help you with your English language learning.

A photo of a rubber duck covered in a British Union Jack flag floating on calm water. Used as an article image for the article

A photo of a rubber duck covered in a British Union Jack flag floating on calm water. Used as an article image for the article “Learn English Through Listening: Greece, Brexit & Money Article Image”

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