In today’s lesson we practice spoken English conversation and explain the portmanteau word “Staycation”. Although this is a short lesson (Thursday lessons are shorter, Monday’s lessons are longer) it’s still 1000+ English words, all spoken by a native English speaker at just the right pace to help you practice listening to spoken English.

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Summary: Spoken English Conversation

So if you listen to this several times you will hear literally thousands of common English words. You will program your brain to recognise these words. More common English words like; the, you, and, a, to you will hear hundreds of times if you listen to the podcast 2-3 times.

This is one of the key rules to the Adeptenglish learning system, you learn through listening. Regular, and repeat listening will encourage your brain to store the words in your longer term memory, making automatic recall of English words much easier. Your spoken English fluency will improve dramatically with a lot less ‘slow’ in your head translation needed.

By making each lesson an interesting story you remain engaged with the lesson. You will find each lesson narrated by a familiar native British speaker. The voice you listen to is close to perfect received pronunciation (RP), and the British accent is neutral so it’s about the best quality and easiest to listen and learn with.

With hundreds of free spoken English lessons available to download right now you have no excuses not to try us out.


A photo of a lady holding her head, sitting next to luggage in an airport. Used as an article image for the article

A photo of a lady holding her head, sitting next to luggage in an airport. Used as an article image for the article “Spoken English Conversation: Staycation Article Image”

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