Today we learn about marriage and weddings in the UK. We talk about what type of marriage is possible in the UK and about some interesting marriage statistics. If you go to the website and look at the full article, you will find a bonus at the end which talks about the sad part of marriage.

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Summary: Learn English – Weddings

So there is a lot of useful material in today’s podcast lesson, statistics or using numbers to help us understand a topic is an English-speaking skill you will need to master for work or just English conversation.

Understanding the British culture of marriage is important, especially if you are taking an English language speaking test. So don’t forget to listen to the lesson several times until you have a comfortable understanding all the phrases and vocabulary used.

We tried to automate the podcasts last week as nearly everyone was on holiday and it didn’t go quite as planned. All the podcasts and website posts were fine, but the video posts to Facebook and YouTube didn’t post as planned. So we fixed this as soon as was possible and things should all be back to normal from now on.

A photo of a same-sex marriage. Used as an article image for the article

A photo of a same-sex marriage. Used as an article image for the article “Learn English: Wedding And Marriage Article Image”

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