When you first learn a new language, much of what you do is private, between you and your class, your teacher or just you speaking to yourself inside you head. However, there comes a point in time where you have to use your new language skills in the real world, and a lot of us find this a hard thing to do!

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Summary: Yoko Meshi

It’s not just you who suffers this it’s so common the Japanese have a phrase for it. “Yoko Meshi“ is a Japanese phrase which literally translates to “a meal eaten sideways,” which is an appropriate way to describe the discomfort of speaking in a foreign language that you haven’t finished learning or are not yet fluent in.

So today we explain why Adept English exists, and why the Adept English system of learning helps you address this uncomfortable switch between learning a language and using it for the first time. We also provide you with some help in finding free resources where you can speak with real people in English (for free!).

So enjoy the lesson and remember to listen to it several times until you feel you understand all of what’s being said without having to look words or phrases up.


A photo of an Asian lady eating ice cream in the snow. Used as an article image for the article

A photo of an Asian lady eating ice cream in the snow. Used as an article image for the article “Lets Work On Your Yoko Meshi Article Image”

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