Some people are great at keeping secrets, some are just awful. Which are you? Today we talk about an English idiom that’s used to describe the ‘act’ of telling a secret. We’ve included lot’s of practice sentences and explain how to use it best.

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I’m very proud of what we do here at Adept English, it’s fun, it’s hard work but a rewarding job. However, nothing really makes me happier than when I get a message from someone who’s making progress with their English language fluency in the real world.

There is just no point in Adept English if real English language students are not being helped by what we do. So when I get a message on Facebook: from one of the many students who listen to our podcasts, or have bought one of our courses and hear that they have passed a test or applied successfully for a new job that required English speaking I’m thrilled.

Today it was Alejandro:

Hi, good afternoon.

I’m writing because I’m very thankful with you and the podcast of Adept English.
7 months ago I started to study English hardly because I wanted to improve my English level. But I noticed that I was improving my grammar, my reading comprehension, my vocabulary, but, I wasn’t able to understand when I listened something and my conversation wasn’t fluent.

So, I discovered Adept English and, since the first Podcast that I listened. I loved Hillary, her voice and her method.

Rapidly I noticed that my listening skills was improving very fast and so my fluency.
Even I subscribed to the free Seven Rules of Adept English and I bought the 500 most common words in English course.

Now, I’m applying for a job and I did my English Test. The result is level C2.

I’m very happy, and proud of myself… But specially, I’m very thankful for the Adept English method and the material for studying and develop the English learning.

Makes me so happy reading that. Thanks Alejandro for believing in our system of learning and well done to you! Your hard work paid off. Good luck to you.

A photo of three happy smiling school children. Used as an article image for the article

A photo of three happy smiling school children. Used as an article image for the article “This English Idiom Says You Cannot Keep A Secret Article Image”

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