Normally when you get a red line under a word your typing on your computer or phone you think, oh no spelling mistake, I need to correct that. But sometimes (very rarely!) you get to smile and say no silly computer I am right you are wrong! Today we discuss portmanteau and have some fun with made up English words.

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Summary: Portmanteau

I’d say about 95% of you will say what is “portmanteau”, I’ve never heard of it. It’s not a commonly used English word, but it explains a very common thing we do in English where we mix words together to create a new one. The word portmanteau originates from French and is a French portmanteau of the words porter (to carry) and manteau (coat).

So you might have heard of a “Spork” (or lots of other examples; velcro, brunch and even company names like Amtrak) but today you learn that these hybrid English words are two words joined and portmanteau properly describes them.

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A photo of vintage suitcases stacked on top of one another. Used as an article image for the article

A photo of vintage suitcases stacked on top of one another. Used as an article image for the article “Hybrid words: The Correct Term Is Portmanteau Article Image”

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