Today we have some fun with English fruit idioms that you will hear in everyday English conversation here in Britain.

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Summary: Fruit Idioms

There are a lot of fruit “themed” idioms in use today, far more than you would expect. I guess we all like fruit and it’s something we all have in common so it’s a powerful way of communicating something we would (or should) understand.

Although you might not care that much about fruit idioms or idioms, remember that much more is going on when you listen to this podcast lesson. You will listen to over 2,000 English words, you will listen and learn to train your brain to hear and tune into a native British English speaker. The intonation, pronunciation and grammar will get stored away ready for you to use more automatically.

You will recognise sound patterns, like the start of an English sentence and the end, this will help you expect these things when you have your own conversations with English speakers. You will train your brain to think and respond to English without translation. This will dramatically improve your fluency. You will speak with more confidence, you will sound more fluent. This is the power of learning through listening.

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An photo of a man holding some freshly picked green and red apples. Used as an article image for the article

An photo of a man holding some freshly picked green and red apples. Used as an article image for the article “English Fruit Idioms Explained With Sentences Article Image”

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