Traditional universities in the UK are expensive. The average university student in the UK leaves with a degree and with £50,000 in debt. But what if a university wanted to pay you £18,000+ annually to get your degree at a university? Would you be interested?

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Summary: English Listening Skills

Traditional universities in the UK use the same ideas, structures and thinking put in place 100’s of years ago, they seem incapable of changing themselves. The only big change they have achieved is instead of offering education for free they now charge you a lot of money to attend.

Things are slowly changing in the university scene in the UK. A few new universities based on new ideas and new thinking as starting to appear, maybe things are finally changing for the better.

So why not improve your English listening skills by listening to an interesting podcast on what future higher education in the UK might look like? The podcast contains lot’s of interesting vocabulary as usual with explanations as we go along. So jump right in and get training your brain to become more fluent in English.


An photo of engineers working on a production line. Used as an article image for the article

An photo of engineers working on a production line. Used as an article image for the article “English Listening Skills: New UK Universities Article Image”

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