Once we have trained our brains to listen to a language and we mimic the pronunciation of that language we forget or just don’t notice that we all pronounce words differently depending on where we are on the planet. So today we cover some English accent word pronunciation.

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Summary: English Accent Words

My son was watching a game review or hints and tips type gaming channel on YouTube, talking about a game called “Call of Duty”. Two things jumped out at me, one, the way the American presenter said “News” the way he pronounced “Tube” and then the word “Duty”. It was a perfect word storm of words pronounced completely differently to the way you would say them if you have a British accent.

So today’s podcast talks about the differences between British and American pronunciation. It’s not about video games, but it covers some common everyday English words you would expect to use in normal conversation.

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An photo of a man listening to music on a blue sofa with a yellow guitar. Used as an article image for the article “English Accent Words: New, Nyoo and Noo Article Image”

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