Here at Adept English we know all about learning to speak English through listening to spoken English. One of the most important parts of your journey to learning to speak English fluently is training your brain to hear and understand English words, phrases and sentences. So you need to practice English listening, especially to English being spoken by a native English speaker.

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Summary: Practice Your English Listening

Hey that’s easy right? There are many free English videos on YouTube or Facebook where you can hear English being spoken. That’s true, but these audio/video files are rarely designed to help new English language learners. It’s often distracting, it does not have a transcript to help you with vocabulary you don’t understand. The speed of the English spoken will be fast, the number of people speaking can confuse you and make it difficult to follow. The video may even have music or special effects going off which pollute the sounds you are hearing.

So yes, it is easy to find lots of spoken English on the Internet it’s just not designed to help new English language learners learn to practice English listening. That’s one of the main reasons Adept English exists, we started out looking for spoken English online that we could use and we just couldn’t find any that were:

  • English spoken by a native British English speaker
  • English spoken slowly with a neutral English accent
  • Common everyday English that is useful right now in everyday English conversations
  • English audio that comes with a free and full transcript to help with difficult words
  • English listening material interesting for students, so they can listen to the audio many times
  • Audio files that are free and easy to download to your mobile phone
  • Audio and Video files that cover up to date and interesting stories about the UK and British culture so you learn to speak English and learn about Britain

The good news is if you just found us, Adept English does all of this and much more. With two new English podcast lessons every week. So if you don’t already follow us, join the 2 million people who have listened to our lessons and subscribe to us now.

An image of an old fashioned British red telephone box. Used as an article image for the article

An image of an old fashioned British red telephone box. Used as an article image for the article “Practice English Your Listening And Learn About Boris Johnson Article Image”

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