When we talk about English idioms, you might think this is a little used or useless part of your English language learning. Something you will probably never come across. You would be wrong!

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Summary: English Idioms

If you follow our podcasts and listen regularly, then you will know we focus our lessons on everyday English. The English being spoken right now by native British English speakers. We often hear something or say something in conversation and think “Now that is something a new English language learner would not understand…”

So in the UK right now we are swapping prime ministers, the top job in UK government is tough right now as the 67 million people who live in Britain are arguing over how we should leave our countries current membership of the European Union. As you can imagine there are arguments about how we should leave are many, and when they happen, they can be loud and angry, especially in parliament between MPs (Members of parliament).

So it was of no surprise to hear a news reporter on the BBC news talking about the English idiom “A storm in a teacup”.

A photograph of an British cars through a rain covered car window . Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of an British cars through a rain covered car window . Used as an article image for the article “English Idioms: A Storm In A Teacup Article Image”

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