Today’s podcast covers a tricky problem for most new English language learners, and that’s the correct pronunciation of place names. The UK has a long history behind its place names and as a result UK place names can be difficult to pronounce.

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Summary: Place Name Pronunciation Audio

If you have to deal with UK addresses, or want to pronounce a football, cricket team’s name correctly, or maybe ask someone for directions or the correct London Underground station name for a place in London then you will need to practice your English place name pronunciation.

The English seem to have gone out of their way to make some place names difficult to pronounce. We have silent letters, we change a letter into another letter (just for the pronunciation!) we have Celtic names, old English “folk” names. The whole thing is a minefield to learn to pronounce correctly if you were to just read and write these names down.

Fortunately for you we are Adept English and we deal with these problems by listening and learning the correct ways to pronounce names. You just need to listen and your brain will automatically remember how to pronounce the names correctly. So listen to this podcast a few times and you will soon be familiar with some of the most common difficult to announce English place names.


A photograph of an old English cottage from a UK 'shire' county. Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of an old English cottage from a UK ‘shire’ county. Used as an article image for the article “English Place Name Pronunciation Audio Practice Article Image”

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