Getting the time and giving the time of day is something we English speakers do all the time. So it’s important that you feel comfortable hearing and asking for the time in English and the good news is you can get this IELTS listening practice online in today’s podcast.

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Summary: IELTS Listening Practice Online

Now it would be great if the English language used a single simple formula for time, no big surprise here, but it does not. There are several ways of saying exactly the same time in English and unfortunately for a new English language learner, you must get familiar with learn them all.

So an example of the problem might be, I ask someone on a train time, and someone might respond:

“It’s eight, thirty” (it’s a question about now and it’s the morning so we both know this, so we don’t say am which means before midday)

“It’s eight, thirty am” (even though we both know it’s the morning, the person specifies am “before midday“ anyway)

The person may say “it’s half-past eight”

or “Thirty minutes past eight”

or “Just gone eight thirty”

The basic ingredients are the same, the hour and minutes and if needed the am (ante meridiem) or pm (post meridiem), but the order and style of delivery will differ from person to person. The only way to deal with this inconsistency is to listen to lots of variations and practice.

A photograph of a man swimming underwater in a swimming pool. Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of a man swimming underwater in a swimming pool. Used as an article image for the article “IELTS Listening Practice Online: Time In English Article Image”

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