The British don’t speak the same as Americans even though we share the same language, English. Today we cover some pronunciation differences a native British or American English speaker will spot a mile away!

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Summary: British Accent Words

Now I know this is a little “off topic” but I will point it out, anyway. The title of this podcast and article is “British Accent Words VS American Accent Words” notice the VS in the middle, this is an abbreviation of versus, and we don’t mean verses in the Bible (verses/versus is a homophone so you need some context to understand which one we are using when you hear is spoken out loud).

Versus or VS in our context means compare one thing against another. But the point (I’m getting there…) is you should use VS. (with a period mark) to denote an abbreviation, and even more confusing, if you’re a lawyer you might just use v. (v with a period mark) as your abbreviation.

It just shows how much rubbish collects in my head, and just how much there is to learn about the English language.



A photograph of a young woman with wrapped in the American flag . Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of a young woman with wrapped in the American flag . Used as an article image for the article “British Accent Words VS American Accent Words Article Image”

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