It’s a simple fact, we humans communicate through stories. It has been this way for a long time, since humans established the first spoken languages. We are all much more interested in information, if the format of the information is a story format.

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Summary: Short Stories In English For Students

Humans are hard wired to remember stories as they are one of the most reliable and efficient ways for humans to convey information across time (parents hand stories down to their children and their children etc..) and its efficient at passing information from one person too many (to all those who are within hearing distance).

From being told gossip at the coffee machine in work, friends out for a meal talking about what’s happened since they last met right down to children learning about life in the real world through bedtime stories. If you hear a story, you will be much more likely to let the information being told into your brain.

So today we take advantage of our human weakness for stories and we help you learn some new English vocabulary and listen to a native English speaker while hearing a German story popular in the UK and made famous by Walt Disney.



A photograph of a woman with long hair crying . Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of a woman with long hair crying . Used as an article image for the article “Short Stories In English For Students Article Image”

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