Today we explain some science behind “listen & learn” the best method of learning to speak English fluently.

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Summary: How To Improve Pronunciation In English

The only reason we learn anything as a species is so we can “adapt to bad things” and “repeat the good things” that happen to us. So regardless of the environment, new or old, we humans can survive and pass this information on to our children.

We have no problem remembering that there is a vicious animal living in the woods near where we walk. We might not remember much of the detail about that animal.  The way the human brain works is to remember the important facts (life saving information) and forget the less important details.

The problem is humans are less concerned about avoiding dangerous animals and more interested in learning new languages or a dance routine. So forcing our brain to pay attention and remember things we need to use some science, the science of forgetting.


A photograph of a metronome which helps time repetitions for musicians . Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of a metronome which helps time repetitions for musicians . Used as an article image for the article “The Science Of How To Improve Pronunciation In English Article Image 1”

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