British people expect you to talk “funny” because everyone in the UK speaks English differently. Being understood is far more important than you learning a specific British accent.

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Summary: Learn British Accent

The modern English language, is a mixture of many different languages. The Scottish, Irish & Welsh contributed Celtic languages. The Normans, Romans, Vikings all of whom contributed their words, culture, accents and pronunciation to the English language when they invaded the UK. People from around the world who travelled to the UK have also brought their own words and culture mixing them into the modern English language.

You only have to travel 100 miles in the UK and you can listen to someone speaking English in a different British accent. So everyone in the UK who speaks English expects to hear a different British accent at least once a day. British accents just aren’t a big deal anymore, being understood when you speak English is.

A photograph of man looking intensely into the camera. Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of man looking intensely into the camera. Used as an article image for the article “Do I Need To Learn The British Accent Article Image”

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