If we were to list all the English phrases used daily, it would be a long list of words. English phrases are just a group of English words that for many reasons just get used together repeatedly. Usually because it’s a quick way of communicating a concept. And because these are common phrases the people hearing them will quickly get the idea being communicated.

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Summary: English phrases for daily use

So when I’m searching the internet doing research for podcasts and articles like this one I’m amazed to find things like “50 English phrases you must know…” or “500 phrases you must know…”. Let’s start by stating, you need not know these phrases. There are so many phrases you could waste a lot of time learning them for little benefit.

I know I said they can be useful for speeding up an English conversation or to help you when listening to an English conversation. But to be honest most of the time you can use simple English words to achieve the same results, you may end up using more of them (you may not!) but the context of the conversation a few simple words will almost always get the same result as a common English phrase. And if you are listening to a native English speaker using a common English phrase you do not understand, just ask them what they mean.


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A photograph of red haired lady eatting a multi coloured lollypop. Used as an article image for the article “English phrases for daily use: Plenty Article Image”

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