If you know anything about Adept English and our “Listen & learn” method of learning to speak English, you know repeated listening, will cause improved English fluency. We have a whole section of podcasts on speaking English fluently.

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Summary: English Fluency

What makes Adept English different is we focus a lot on making the English language and vocabulary you listen to interesting and useful. You need to engage with the English conversation or you will skip the important listening process. If you do not focus on the words being discussed, even if you listen many times, you will not maximise the benefits of repeated listening.

So you will have no problems listening and taking an interest in this podcast about healthy eating. We should all be interested in staying healthy!


A photograph of a basket of healthy vegetables. Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of a basket of healthy vegetables. Used as an article image for the article “How To Improve English Fluency And Get Healthy Article Image”

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