Learn English 190 Podcast – The Difference Between The Active And The Passive Voice

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Summary: The Difference Between The Active And The Passive Voice

Adept English (Subject) struggles to avoid boring (Verbs) grammar https://adeptenglish.com/english-grammar-practice/ (Object). Sometimes when you hear an English language student making a mistake in a conversation, you can only help correct the error if you explain the grammar rules that are being broken. Unfortunately (for you and for us!) this means we need to deep dive into an English grammar lesson.

If you’re a scientist who talks about experiments in English, you will need to know all about the passive voice. Maybe you manage teams of people and need to tell them off without naming names, again you will need to learn how to use the passive voice. This Mondays English grammar podcast will help explain the difference between the active voice and the passive voice.

Knowing the key difference between active voice and passive voice it really about understanding Subject, Verb, Object and we make this as easy to understand as is possible. We also give you lots of examples and really break the grammar into simple ideas you can learn quickly and remember.

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A photograph of a mandrawing on a whiteboard with a team of people looking at him work. Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of a mandrawing on a whiteboard with a team of people looking at him work. Used as an article image for the article “The Difference Between The Active And The Passive Voice Article Image”

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