Learn English 189 Podcast – Common Expressions: From Scratch

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Summary: Common English Expressions

This weeks short English language podcast lesson is about a common English expression “From scratch”. As always, we choose expressions which we hear in everyday conversation and this appeared in an Everyday English conversation as recently as this morning.

I think most English language speakers use idioms or common expressions to save time. Some people will call it lazy and others efficiency but an idiom or common expression can in a few words impart a great deal of meaning given the context.

This is a sophisticated way of talking and is not fair to people new to the English language.

Unfortunately, as a language student, the better you get at speaking English, the more likely it is an English speaker will use this English language vocabulary to speed things up. So you will need to learn the more common expressions just to keep up.

A photograph of a man scratching his back in a forest. Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of a man scratching his back in a forest. Used as an article image for the article “Common Expressions: From Scratch Article Image”

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