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Before you can learn to speak any language, you need to understand much more of what you hear than you can speak. If I were to take a guess about how much more I would say you need to hear and understand 3 times the vocabulary of the language, you intend to use in a spoken conversation. So if you want to speak for 5 minutes about a topic you need to listen to 15 minutes of conversation in that language on the same topic and understand it all.

Sounds unfair doesn’t it but it makes sense. When you start a conversation with someone, neither of you know where the conversation might lead. Even when the topic being discussed is very obvious.

For example, you might stop someone on the street and ask someone for the time. You are listening for the response and expect to hear the time 1:30pm but they talk about how they lost their watch this morning at the swimming pool and left their mobile phone at home and don’t know the time.

If all you had listened to to prepare for this conversation was English audio lessons on time, clocks and watches. You would not be ready for a normal conversation. You need to listen to lots and lots and lots of English conversation which include times and the things that get mentioned when time is part of the conversation.

Adept English provides a lot of free English audio lessons designed to help you learn through listening.

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The Adept English method of learning to speak English quickly is all about “Learning through Listening” so that you become very, very fluent in UNDERSTANDING English first of all. Sooner or later, when you’ve heard enough spoken English, you will be ready to speak it.

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A photograph of three girls bullying another girl. Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of three girls bullying another girl. Used as an article image for the article “Learn English with Audio: Listening Practice About Bullied Reindeer Article Image”

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