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This English “listen & learn” lesson is all about putting the cherry on the cake of English cake idioms. There are many cake idioms, used regularly in everyday English conversation and we are here to help you understand them. As confusing as English idioms can be at least these idioms are fun because they are about cake. Let’s face it cake is popular with most people!

Although when these idioms or popular phrases were first used in the UK (nobody has an accurate date, but presumably it was after cake they invented cake and cherry got imported to the UK). The origin started because cake was a special thing only consumed on special occasions and only available to the rich so something highly desirable. And the cherry (or icing) on top would have been an absolute luxury for most of the people living in the UK.

So having something special and then having an even more special thing as well suited the cake and cherry analogy of the day. To be honest cake with icing and a cherry on top are still a treat even in 2018. So I think this is the reason that cake idioms are still popular in everyday English.

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A photograph of a cup cake with icing on top and an iced cherry. Used as an article image for the article

A photograph of a cup cake with icing on top and an iced cherry. Used as an article image for the article “The Cherry On The Cake Mmmmm Cake Idioms Article Image”

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