Learn English 174 Podcast 13 Phrasal Verb Take Examples

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Today the English podcast is about the phrasal verbs with the word “take” in them. Phrasal verbs are an area of English language learning that is difficult because it often uses the same words in a sentence but the meaning implied is different based on the context of the sentence.

That’s right! For example, the phrasal verb “Take off” can be this “The crowd was waiting for the rocket to take off” and in the next sentence “Children, take off your shoes”. A business can “Take off” i.e. become successful and a person can “take off” their shoes before walking on the carpet. Same word’s, yet a different meaning based on the context of the sentence.

Oh, why did they make English so complicated! We have no idea! However, listening to this podcast and the examples and meaning provided will help you tackle phrasal verbs with the word “Take” in them.

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