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If you are a new English language student, you may well ask yourself what is the fastest way to improve how I speak English fluently and confidently. This is exactly what Adept English does. The Adept English ‘listen & learn’ approach to speaking English is the quickest, most fun way for a new English language student to speak English fluently and confidently.

Now if you are new to the Adept English ‘listen & learn’ method of learning to speak English. It will interest you what English you have practiced by listening to in this podcast. Language students typically remember a word after hearing it 40+ times. By listening to this podcast you will have asked your brain to listen to 805 English words structured in 50 sentences. The most used words in the transcripts are:

Word | Count
the 33
you 29
to 27
a 24
and 17
in 15
so 15
is 13
we 13

Now this is a short podcast (only 5 minutes) lets say you listened to it 3 times. Your brain will hear key English words (the most common words) 40 or more times. It will also hear the start and end of sentences. You will automatically notice when you need to speak or expect the end of a conversation. You will speak more fluently and confidently because your brain is doing a lot less translation. Translation is slow and kills fluency and confidence, native English speakers know when you are translating.

This language brain training will remove much of the translation work you might have been doing so you can focus on the keywords that matter in your conversation. For example, if you were talking about teenager jobs, 80% of the English words would be the common words like those used in this podcast, and you only need to focus on the 20% that concern UK part-time jobs. So words like ‘The’, ‘You’, ‘To’ become automatic and with focused practice you can learn about ‘Pocket Money’ or the idiom ‘Paid Peanuts’.

As with all our learn English speaking podcasts, the audio and the pdf transcript of this English lesson are free to download. So have fun learning to speak English and don’t forget to tell your friends about us.

The Adept English method of learning to speak English quickly is all about “Learning through Listening” so that you become very, very fluent in UNDERSTANDING English first of all. Sooner or later, when you’ve heard enough spoken English, you will be ready to speak it.

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If you want to find out more about this type of learning then try our other articles explaining why we know this works in much more detail “Spoken English” & “fluent English language” or maybe see some quick and easy English language learning tips. Its FREE so you have nothing to lose in trying. Have fun!

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A photograph of a young boy saving his pocket money to a jar, used as an image for an article

A photograph of a young boy saving his pocket money to a jar, used as an image for an article “Answers To How I Speak English Fluently And Confidently Article Image”

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