Learn English 164 Podcast English Language Practice Learning About The Weather

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If there is one topic all British love to talk about, it is the British weather. Learning About The Weather language used and common English phrases is important for your everyday English language practice. If for no other reason than to join in or start the conversation around the coffee machine at work.

Although the UK has large storms, they are infrequent. UK Storms are small in comparison the terrible storms happening around the world right now. The podcast demonstrates English phrases and language that show sensitivity when talking about the effects of storms.

Being an island the UK weather is difficult to predict. This podcast talks about the official UK Meteorological Office which tries to forecast weather and how storms get named in the UK.

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A photograph of a stormy clouds over the UK, used as an image for an article

A photograph of a stormy clouds over the UK, used as an image for an article “English Language Practice Learning About The Weather Article Image”

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