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You often find the more balanced the split in opinion the more polarizing the debate. With Donald trump you could say he has a Marmite Personality. This weeks podcast is all about a British yeast spread called Marmite which has been popular since the first world war.

The most remarkable characteristic of this product is that 50% of British people love it and 50% hate it. So we have a product that has customers who cannot even stand the smell of the spread compared to people who would eat it on toasted bread all day long.

Although the synonym for Marmite should be ‘Yeast Spread’ or Vegimite (a competing product) we British often use it to highlight a polarizing issue. So we would say “Brexit is a Marmite issue.” as 52% voted for Brexit and 48% against Brexit.

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A photograph of jars of Marmite, used as an image for an article

A photograph of jars of Marmite, used as an image for an article “President Trumps Marmite Personality Explained Article Image” Credit: WestportWiki / CC-BY-SA-3.0 / Own Work

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