Learn English 157 Podcast English Pronunciation Practice with Blended Consonants

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It is important to practice speaking English. So this weeks podcast English lesson is designed to help you with English pronunciation practice. Adept English has put together some fun, but tricky sentences, for you to practice pronouncing.

In this weeks lesson we have spent time getting a lot of different problem words crammed into a small number of sentences. You will find you are getting a lot of practice with a lot of difficult English words. In as few sentences as possible.

As with all our learn English speaking podcasts, the audio and the pdf transcript of this English lesson are free to download. So have fun learning to speak English and don’t forget to tell your friends about us.

The Adept English method of learning to speak English quickly is all about “Learning through Listening” so that you become very, very fluent in UNDERSTANDING English first of all. Sooner or later, when you’ve heard enough spoken English, you will be ready to speak it.

This Learn English 157 Podcast, “English Pronunciation Practice with Blended Consonants” is part of the FREE listening content we provide every week.

If you want to find out more about this type of learning then try our other articles explaining why we know this works in much more detail “Spoken English” & “fluent English language” or maybe see some quick and easy English language learning tips. Its FREE so you have nothing to lose in trying. Have fun!

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A photograph of beautiful lips covered in amazing lipstick, used as an image for an article

A photograph of beautiful lips covered in amazing lipstick, used as an image for an article “English Pronunciation Practice with Blended Consonants Article Image”

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As always we recommend you view the how to speak English fluently supporting pdf transcript. Adept English provides you with a full transcript for every lesson, you can download this from our website, it is designed to support you while you listen to the podcast audio.

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