Learn English 152 Podcast British Driving Expressions And Smart UK Motorways

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This weeks Monday English lesson podcast from Adept English is about driving in the UK. New to the UK is the concept of a “Smart Motorway”. If you are an English language student, it is worth understanding this and many of the UK specific driving expressions covered in this podcast.

Maybe you intend to drive in the UK, or you may never drive in the UK. Regardless it will help you if you are watching a film on TV or reading a book on the UK or speaking to someone who it traveling in the UK to know what a smart motorway is and how it works

The Adept English method of learning to speak English quickly is all about “Learning through Listening” so that you become very, very fluent in UNDERSTANDING English first of all. Sooner or later, when you’ve heard enough spoken English, you will be ready to speak it. This “Learn English 152 podcast, titled “British Driving Expressions And Smart UK Motorways” is part of the FREE listening content we provide every week.

If you want to find out more about this type of learning then try our other articles explaining why we know this works in much more detail “Spoken English” & “fluent English language” or maybe see some quick and easy English language learning tips. Its FREE so you have nothing to lose in trying. Have fun!

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A photograph of a car traffic jam, used as an image for an article

A photograph of a car traffic jam, used as an image for an article “British Driving Expressions And Smart UK Motorways Article Image”

The Original Published Article For Podcast 152: Learn English Quickly Lesson 152 Article

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