Learn English 62 “Learn the 100 Most Common English Words and their Grammar” even though you don’t need it to speak English sometimes knowing common English grammar can be useful.

For today’s podcast, I thought I would give you something a bit different. Normally, because the idea of Adept English is that you learn through listening, I don’t really go into grammar or the structure of the language very much. But I also realise that many of you are learning English through traditional courses – the ones which do teach you how to read and write English, rather than speaking it. And these courses often focus on grammar – so I thought today that I’d give you a little help understanding English grammar. You don’t really need it to speak the language and be fluent – but you do need it for most English language college courses and a little bit of knowledge goes a long way, so even if you are primarily interested in English conversation, this is still helpful, I think.

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